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My tape library continues to grow!  I love music, music, music (ballroom and otherwise).  And my meditation and visualization program has been significantly enhanced through the ongoing use of guiding tapes.  Whether you are growing your business, changing careers, losing weight or looking to attract new, creative ideas, there's something here for you.  Great tools to propel you forward faster!  Let your goals and vision sink deeply into your subconscious mind and feel it at a cellular level.  Then expect amazing results!!

Many of these recommendations can be ordered by simply clicking on the link for each title unless otherwise noted below:

Audio Recommendations.
The following are a series of guided meditations from LuminEssence Productions that I and my clients have found to be particularly effective. Guided meditations are an effective way to create rapid and lasting changes in your life and a great supplement to business coaching:

Opening Creativity - Attracting Ideas - This tape can assist you in any creative endeavor you are undertaking by attracting ideas to you.

Manifesting Your Destiny - This tape contains powerful processes to assist you in seeing why you are here, releasing limiting beliefs and becoming magnetic to success.

Public Recognition - Learn to magnetize people to your work. Learn to be ready for this boarder exposure.

Learning to Concentrate - Improve your concentration and do twice as much in half the time. Approach all of your activities with a clear, focused mind.

For Self-Employed People - "Magnetize business, see the higher purpose of your business, and get an overview of where you are going...create a prosperous, successful business." ...from the Orindaben website

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