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Leta Beam
President, Vantage International
Leadership and Business Coach, International Professional Speaker, Author

If you know what coaching is, you understand its benefits and, perhaps, you've already decided to hire a business coach for yourself or your organization.  If you are not familiar with coaching, please take a look at our Services page. 

Why work with Vantage International?

The match between client and coach is an important one.  Great chemistry is an essential ingredient.  Let me tell you a little about me, and then you decide if we're suited for one another.

I am an accomplished and dynamic (and humble) executive with 20 years of successful experience in building innovative business operations.  I have been recognized for setting and achieving strategic personal and business goals.  I have developed and executed "turnaround" strategies in large corporations and have been the founding CEO for a new company, moving from drawing board to corporate launch to industry leader.

In my personal life, I have faced my share of challenges, including divorce, single parenthood, numerous other transitions and the search for greater choicefulness in my life. I have used the AdVantage Coaching System to design a life that I truly love and a business that is successful and fulfilling.

I am certified through Comprehensive Coaching University, the professional coach training program. I am a certified Teleclass instructor. I am the co-founder of the Central Pennsylvania Alliance of Coaches. I adhere strictly to the code of ethics originally developed by the International Coach Federation. I am an adjunct faculty member of the Pennsylvania State University. I am also an adjunct professor at Saint Francis University, where I have had the privilege of developing two MBA courses focused on coaching, inclusion and workplace community.

We are passionate about:

...leadership and business coaching. For us, coaching is all about co-creating positive change and stimulating growth. For an individual. For an organization. And beyond.

...working with high performance individuals and organizations who truly want to get on a roll and stay there. Our gift is to create a structure, space and accountability to allow that to happen.

...educational experiences. We love to deliver meaningful, provocative messages that ignite sparks of possibilities in others.

...building collaborative relationships as that "intimate outsider" and weaving the core values of service, quality, flexibility, connected leadership and diversity of thought into an organization's fiber.

How can partnering with us give you a strategic adVantage?

Here is the single most important secret that we share with our clients - By working with the latest business tools we allow ourselves and our organizations to keep getting what we've been getting. For most of us, that's pretty good. And if pretty good is enough for you, then keep it up.  But we have learned how to combine our business practices with inner tools, which allow us to activate those outer tools in a different way. Our services incorporate a unique blend of inner and outer technology for achieving peak performance.

Edgy Inner Tools :

  • Harnessing the power of awareness through intentionality
  • Intentional focus on individual and collective engagement
  • Individual/Team Affirmations

Skills and Outer Tools :

  • An advanced creativity that offers fresh offbeat perspectives
  • A "get to the heart of the matter" approach
  • A sales and marketing savvy
  • A unique ability to make complexities simple
  • A contagious energy, quick wit and good spirit
  • An ability to process information quickly and offer it back
  • An exceptional power to motivate
  • An uncanny intuition
  • A strong business and leadership background
  • An extensive hands-on background in entrepreneurial ventures
  • A novel way of turning teams into master mind alliances

The name of our coaching business, Vantage International, reflects our beliefs in the power of coaching.  The definition of Vantage is a "benefit or gain; a position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective or comprehensive view".  For us, that is exactly what leadership and business coaching offers to each of you.  Every individual or company we have encountered that has tried coaching agrees that being coached offers the recipient a strategic advantage -- in life and business.

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