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Our coaching services - now offered globally - encompass a rich blend of coaching opportunities for individual clients, organizational clients, business learners and general public audiences. This mix is very much in tune with our diverse backgrounds and experiences. It also honors both our interest in working with individual clients as well as our love of public speaking and education. We firmly believe that business is undergoing a transformation; revolutionary shifts in the operational structure of our business world seem to call for new definitions of who we are as business professionals and what we are here for. Expectations of work are changing and more and more of us are looking to break away from old habits and patterns of thinking and acting and create a different expression of business. A new leadership model is emerging that is very different than its predecessor and a perfect match for the new "economy" that we are entering. Our services fit well at these critical intersections.

Coaching is, for us, different than consulting, managing, directing, browbeating or cajoling. It is effecting change through the will of the client, not because we said so. We genuinely believe that our clients have all of the answers within them; we help them to access those answers and move forward, quicker and easier. Sometimes individual or organizational progress comes in the form of major breakthroughs,those AHA moments. Other times, transformations occur in a series of small, incremental shifts that the client consistently and persistently makes.a more kaizen-like change process. But coaching is all about change and it is all about the client's work.

Both individual and corporate clients want support in articulating and achieving their goals. We provide that kind of support in the following ways:

  • We use a synthesis of tools combining inner and outer technologies
  • We ask thought-provoking, illuminating, powerful questions.
  • We create a space in which clients feel powerful, intentional and choiceful.
  • We give advice and share information and insights. We gift our clients with our entire set of experiences, contacts, sources, resources, and leading edge thinking.
  • We provide a strong framework that helps to sustain focus, energy and action.
  • We ask for the stars and settle for the moon (sometimes).

Team Coaching

Vantage's organizational work is tailored specifically to the unique desires of the client organization and is done primarily on-site. These services usually fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Coaching Skill Development - Providing a "coaching climate" in which everyone in the company learns "Energy Engineering" to facilitate self coaching and coaching of others, maximizing productivity, employee empowerment and morale. This includes a unique focus on "coaching up" - applying coaching skills to create a better rapport with the boss.
  • Team Development - Facilitating new team formation and synthesis; working with existing teams, including leadership teams, to reach performance challenges and "stretch" goals.
  • Customer Service Excellence - Creating "extra value" for your customers as your company moves beyond customer satisfaction to customer loyalty.
  • Everyday Leadership - Creating leaders at all levels who want to gift their organization with a piece of themselves. This topic is the subject of our newest educational program as well as our next book.
  • Executive Coaching - Enabling stars to become superstars.
  • Incident Coaching - A brief and highly focused intervention that allows one to interrupt a potentially harmful pattern of thinking or acting before it gains a foothold with a member of the team.
  • Strategic Partnering - Developing the toolbox to forge meaningful, lasting partnerships.
  • Sales Team Coaching - Shift limiting beliefs, harness the power of focus, take action and sustain awareness. Clients are introduced to strategic attraction planning as a complement to marketing action plans.
  • Co-Visioning and/or Strategic Planning - Getting everyone on the same track and moving toward goals.
  • Becoming a Listening Organization - Learning the fine art of active listening.
  • Assessments - Assisting individuals in their process of self-discovery.
  • Board Coaching - Create a powerful mastermind alliance in your Board of Director

Individual Coaching

Are you a high-performance, high-achieving individual - or do you want to become one - who desires to energize and maximize your success in your business and/or your personal life? If so, then Vantage International and our specialized "Energy Engineering" approach to coaching can be the "express lane" to your success! Coaching is all about you - the client. You decide what we cover in coaching sessions and how far and how fast we move. We bring you cutting-edge tools and techniques that minimize your "travel time" and maximize your results. These "one to one" coaching relationships are an integral part of our business. Our sessions together- easily facilitated since our work is normally accomplished via the telephone - can propel you to super-stardom, can create whole-life transformations and can engage your Inner Hero. We coach at every level from executives to management to corporate employees, sales professionals, independent agents, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Partnering with Leta Beam as your Coach has an ROI that you cannot afford to pass up. Schedule an appointment today to discover how your life can be energized and transformed! You may also order a free copy of Leta's report on the ROI of business coaching and tailored educational experiences and how they stack up against more traditional training options.

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